Scientists: nuclear power is the only salvation from catastrophic climate

To reduce greenhouse emissions and save the planet from global warming, many countries are trying to switch to renewable energy sources. To do this, they build solar and wind farms that take up huge area of land. Scientists believe that such sources are not capable to prevent climatic disaster as quickly as required, the carbon concentration will decrease too slowly. Thus, the best replacement of solar and wind energy is nuclear, and I say this to both scholars and well-known personalities like bill gates.

In early January, the political scientist Joshua Goldstein and engineer Staffan Quist published an essay in which he recalled the terrible forecast of many climate scientists: the turning point in the climate will come about after 30 years. Scientists believe that even if all countries will take the example of Germany and introducing more renewable energy sources, the world will need more than 150 years to normalize the condition of the planet. The scientists also noted that for the construction of wind and solar power plants need a large area of land.

The world needs a secure source of electricity that can very quickly increase to enormous proportions and to ensure sustainable energy supplies, regardless of weather conditions — and all this without increasing the total surface area intended for the production of electricity.

Goldstein and Kvist believe that nuclear energy meets all these requirements. In their opinion, erroneous fears of a nuclear accident greatly hampered the development of nuclear energy. They stressed that the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant — the only such catastrophe in the last 60 years that claimed far fewer lives than other industrial accidents. They also believe that nuclear energy produces so little waste that you can put them in a jar of soda.

For the active use of nuclear energy appears even the head of Microsoft bill gates. In its goals for 2019 he prescribed agreement with the U.S. government on increasing the use of nuclear energy. In August 2018, he announced the intention to build miniature nuclear reactors TerraPower, but the government didn’t let him do it for security reasons.