Scientists announced the creation of the medication fully destroys cancer

It is believed that one of every six deaths in the world arises from cancer of the lethality of the disease after cardiovascular diseases. Scientists from all over the world are trying to come up with an effective cure: someone has already created a spray gel, and someone else’s drug has already received approval. The other day a very loud statement was made by Israeli scientists — they are assured that developed a cure for cancer that kills cancer cells without any side effects.

The announcement was made founded in 2000, the company Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies (AEBi). She created the cure has received the name of Games that can be literally translated as a “multi-toxin”. Its principle of operation is that the cancer cells will be killed tiny peptides, enveloping every cell from all sides.

Our cancer treatment shows effectiveness from the first day and will not have side effects at a much lower cost than most other medicines on the market, announced Dan Aridor, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AEBi.

Still the best “killer” of cancer was considered to be antibodies, which are also ideal for drug delivery. However, they have big disadvantage — they are too large to penetrate into hard to reach places and roads in the manufacture and regulation. The bestof the antibodies were peptide — bound in these chains of amino acids are much cheaper, without causing side effects.

The makers of the medication said that other drugs are aimed at rapidly growing cells and affect only to a certain point. In contrast, Games to affect even slow-growing cancer stem cells that can renew the disease even after complete, it would seem that healing.

If the medication does not destroy the cancer completely, the remaining cells can renew mutations and to return the condition that the second time will already be resistant to the drugs, explained Ilan Morad, head of the AEBi.

Medicine Games will be able to adapt to each patient. To do this they need to send some biopsy for testing. The tests will show exactly what substances you need to use in each case.

The company had successfully tested the drugs on mice, but recognizes that testing on humans could take several years. Its statement was already criticized by experts: most of them doubt that the drug is effective against all types of disease. They also noted that tests on mice and men are two different things, and in the human body drug can show quite different results.