Robot that will fold any of your clothes

CES never ceases to please an interesting and at times absurd gadgets, but this device you will certainly want to put in a bathroom or dressing room. FoldiMate is a real robot that executes only one task: automatically folds the clothes placed in the device. Washing machine and dryer already there, why not entrust technologies another tedious and permanent home business?

To cope with the robot will be able both adults and children. It’s enough to choose the built-in display type apparel (shirt, t-shirt, pants or towel), place it in the device, as if the paper in the printer, and wait for a miracle!

Folded clothes are placed in the lower part of the robot, where neat piles, and you can get immediately referred to the Cabinet. However, to put all on the shelves still have. Here’s how it works:

At first glance, the thing is very cool, but it has its issues. First, it’s quite a large robot that traverses a washing machine — it’s like a cooler with 19 litre bottle. In addition, the device requires manually loading each thing separately. Yes and take and make all myself. Save time here, perhaps, do not, the person continues to do most of the work.

A buyer FoldiMate will find, but the price will bite — the device will go on sale this year for around $ 1 000 (70 000). To feed the robot from ordinary household outlet. Gradually almost all the accommodations are filled with efficient appliances, and if to modify FoldiMate (e.g. to do automatic detection of the type of clothing), he could be the assistant hostess.this gadget is more useful for bachelors.