Presents sneakers with an automatic lacing

I think we are already used to charge smartphones, tablets, scales, and even toothbrushes — this is a fee for the presence of “smart” functions of a device. But what if you have to keep track of charging and even sneakers? One such model — Adapt BB showed Nike. Sneakers not only can do to tie my shoelaces, but also “friends” with the smartphone app.

The point is, to perform a ligation of such shoes can be right during a basketball game — to do this, click one of the buttons on the very sneakers. More fine tuning available with Nike Adapt. Built-in motor determines the desired degree of density of planting and adapts to the foot of its owner.

In 2016, Nike has already shown the shoes — it was HyperAdapt 1.0. Be by invitation only and for a whopping $ 720. To give that kind of money for shoes few are ready. Adapt BB two times cheaper and will appear in retail stores this year. Interestingly, visible to the eye of the laces here, and stocking density changes quickly. Available on a sole and heel indicator lights indicate when to recharge the battery.

The battery capacity of the sneakers is 505 mAh, which is enough for 10 to 20 days of use, according to the manufacturer. Included with the shoes is wireless charging standard Qi, which allows you to fully charge sneakers for 3 hours. Given that this shoes are not for every day, and you can put a couple on charge.

Nike promised to produce such sneakers for many years. In 2011, at auction was sold to a non-functional pair of sneakers, just exactly looks like in the movie “Back to the future II”. At the end of October 2015, the company presented a working prototype samochodowej sneakers to the Fox.

Would you buy such shoes?