How to build Tesla Model 3 from beginning to end?

The company Tesla for a long time could not organize production of electric car Tesla Model 3. She was going to produce 5,000 electric vehicles per week, and in July of 2018 came close to breaking his word — the desired speed of production was reached in the last moment. To adhere to up the pace, the manufacturer has even launched a new production line. This was done in record time — one of them was open for three weeks. To show the rapidity of the current production, the company has published a video, which is really impressive.

The video was produced at the plant located in the Californian city of Fremont. It shows the main Assembly line, on which there is a main stage production. To the frame of the future, car dome instrument panel display, doors, hood, seats, battery and all other components. After Assembly of the Tesla Model 3 is ready to drive away.

According to the manufacturer, the Tesla Model 3 consists of over 10,000 parts. Most of them are set exactly at the stage of Assembly shown in the video. Workers have to manually fix a lot of moving parts, so the Assembly is anything but easy.

It is noteworthy that since July of 2018 Tesla Model 3 is equipped with the updated headlights. Before they covered the right side of the road is much weaker than the left. Correcting this defect, the company significantly improved the safety of electric cars — the statistics says that most accidents occur because of insufficient light. In the future the company will still have to deal with the improvement of lamps, for example, improve their performance on winding roads.

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