Elon Musk: Tesla will soon have “the time”

Tesla owners will soon be able to watch damage (and record them) that happen to their vehicles when left unattended. Tesla is Tesla Sentry Mode — mode “Tesla time” — for all cars with improved autopilot (Enhanced Autopilot). About that CEO Elon Musk announced in a tweet. Musk did not reveal further information as to when this feature will be available and how exactly it will work.

Tesla will get Sentry mode

As the name implies, the function will “stand on guard”, so to speak, or supporting the running video recorder in the Parking lot, or automatically including it if a car with something or facing something hits. Most likely, she will work as a regular DVR with the function of automatic switch-on upon impact. However, the details not so much.

In October, Tesla has released version 9.0 of its software that included a number of updates, including a new user interface on the Central display and the ability to use the built-in camera in the front of the car as a DVR. Function of DVR is available only in cars Tesla released after August 2017.

Currently, the function of the recorder allows owners to record and store videos taken with the front camera of the car on a USB-stick. But first the owners have to configure the stick in Windows or MS-DOS, and add a folder at the base level, called TeslaCam. Then a custom USB flash drive can be inserted into one of the USB ports in the front of the car. When properly configured, the icon of the video recorder appears in the status bar in the form of a red dot, indicating that recording is underway.

Owners can click on the icon to save the 10-minute video clip, or hold down the icon and put the recording on pause. Records that have not been downloaded are removed automatically.

I wonder what other features will be added in Tesla in the future.