Elon Musk has revealed the first assembled Starship to travel to the moon, Mars and throughout the Land

SpaceX has completed the preparation of Starship to its first test flight, Elon Musk showed his current picture in his Twitter account and posted a few interesting videos. Formerly known as a BFR, Starship is a future heavyweight private aerospace company, which will fly to the moon, to Mars and to make the hour flight to anywhere in the Earth. Still, we had the opportunity to witness only a conceptual version of it.

Looks like a Martian spaceship SpaceX

The other day we already showed how it will look Starship — but that was the concept.

Let’s see how he looks in reality.

As you can see, a real space ship a lot more textures than smooth computer visualization, which we’ve been teased by SpaceX a few days ago. That’s because it’s a suborbital version to test vertical takeoff and landing. The orbital version, according to the Mask to be higher and her skin will be thicker and wrinkle-free. However, most likely, the construction of smooth “star ship” will take a little more time. As long as we follow the first test flight suborbital version that can be held in one or two months.

By the way, this rocket will go to the moon, the first buyer is a tourist visa SpaceX — it will be a Japanese billionaire Yusaku of Maezawa. With him fly eight artists, including painter, musician, film Director and fashion designer.