Electric Cadillac wants to become a competitor to Tesla: will it succeed?

Car manufacturers in the near future intend to abandon the internal combustion engine and to switch completely to electricity. Small steps in this direction have been done, and the concern General Motors, releasing a couple of hybrid electric cars Cadillac. Unfortunately, they never sought popularity due to too high cost. According to Reuters, the company intends to repeat his attempt to enter the market electric cars, releasing an all-electric Cadillac model. The manufacturer wants to become a competitor to Tesla, however, if past mistakes are repeated, it is unlikely that anything will happen.

Previously, the company had a great chance to become an important representative of the market of electric cars: Chevrolet Volt was released earlier than Tesla Model 3, the Chevrolet Bolt — before Tesla Model 3. Apparently, General Motors was not much interested in the sales, so Tesla cars become more popular, even at an increased cost. Any success had only Chevy Bolt, but he could not overtake the budget model Tesla.

The company also has released a hybrid electric car Cadillac ELR, which was based on the platform of Chevrolet Volt. He’s got an improved interior and doors, but deterred buyers price is almost two times the cost of the electric Chevrolet at the time of start of sales it was worth big 76 000 dollars. The company has reduced the price to 50 000, however the vehicle is still not sold and its production was stopped in 2016.

Perhaps if the company relate to the sales of cars more seriously and will take into account past mistakes, she was finally going to be able to compete with Tesla. It is reported that the new Cadillac would be based on an entirely new platform for Battery Electric Vehicle 3 (BEV3) and will get a fully electric motor. Other details about the upcoming new product is not, but the announcement may take place soon.