China has offered to Elon Musk to move. USA should think

It seems that Elon Musk still found a reserve airfield — and no, he’s not on the surface of the moon. During the visit, the Creator of Tesla and SpaceX to China, the local government gave the owner of the Chinese “green card”, which allows the Mask to be tax resident in China and conduct business in this country. Now he is in China came to control the construction of the Tesla factory in Shanghai. And this is a serious occasion to reflect to the US government. Why?

First, China became the first market other than the US, where Tesla has decided to deploy its own production. Elon Musk clearly understands the full potential of the Chinese market and its labor — no wonder most companies, including Apple, produce their devices there. China allows to minimize the expenses, in contrast to the United States.

In addition, Musk was closer to the local government at a time when relations between China and the US are very strained. Donald trump wants to impose duties on imports from China and generally complicate the trade between the two countries. This problem did many American companies: Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently stated that iPhone sales are going through hard times because of the “crackdown” by the us government.

China seeks to attract foreign investment and international personnel, such as Musk. However, the Chinese “green card” is known to be difficult to obtain. In 2016, they received about 10 000 foreign citizens. At the same time, more than 1 million people received permanent residence in the United States for 2017. But the factory Tesla is too important for Shanghai. It is the largest in the history of the city of industrial project, funded by the foreign Corporation.

So if the US government will continue its aggressive policy against Elon Musk (this includes a trial with a securities Commission, and the attention trump), he may move to China and move all manufacturing in this country. The local government welcomes investments in these sizes, and the entrepreneur will be able to reduce costs (however, with the launch of the satellites can be difficult). So the Mask has a new ACE in the hole.