China has announced plans to build a lunar base

On the wave of successful execution of the current mission of the spacecraft “Chang’e-4” on the reverse side of the moon China national space administration announced further plans for the exploration and development of the natural satellite of the Earth. As reported by the Chinese news Agency Xinhua, China plans to conduct three more missions, “Chang’e”, and in the longer term, to begin preparations for the construction of a lunar base.

According to the Deputy chief project Manager for the development of the moon, the Chinese national space administration (CNSA), the mission “Chang’e-5”, in which to the moon is planned to send a space probe to be launched by the end of this year. The task of the spacecraft will be reduced to the collection of lunar soil samples and return those specimens back to Earth.

China will build a base on the moon

In the mission “Chang’e-4” was made the world’s first soft landing on the surface of the back side of the moon and this success marked the beginning of the fourth phase of a program to study Earth satellite, the report said.

“Experts are still debating the feasibility of new projects, but we can already confirm that the planned three additional space missions after the launch of “Chang’e-5”, — said on Monday Deputy project Manager for the development of the moon From Yanhua.

Have told that the main task of the mission “Chang’e-6” will be to send a spacecraft to the South pole of the moon and conduct sampling of soil.

“Will this case fit to be on the near or far side of the moon – we will determine after the progress of the mission “Chang’e-5,” added Deputy project Manager for lunar exploration.

Objectives of the mission “Chang’e-7” will be conducting research around the lunar South pole. Scientists want to study the various geological features of this region, the physical composition of the soil and to evaluate the surrounding space environment of this region.

In addition to the scientific research and experiments during the space mission “Chang’e-8” China wants to conduct an audit of key technologies that will lay the Foundation for building a research base on the moon.

The message also indicates that a similar test technologies that will be required for the construction of a lunar base, wants to spend not only China, but also USA, Russia and some other European countries.

One of the interesting questions, he explained, is the possibility of the construction of buildings and structures on the surface of the moon using lunar soil and technologies of 3D printing.

“We hope that [the mission] “Chang’e-7″ will help to test some of the technologies and will also allow to consider the construction of a lunar base forces a joint cooperation with several countries,” — said the official representative of the CNSA.

At the end of the conference Yanhua added that China is going to start exploration of Mars. First sending a probe to the red planet will be somewhere in the 2020 year.

“Our first research mission to Mars will start approximately in 2020. We are ready to join efforts with the international community, to mutually beneficial and tolerant basis to promote the development of the global aerospace industry, for the sake of a humanity with a common destiny, the progress of civilization and society.”

The pace of China risks to overtake all the development of the Solar system, don’t you think?