Billion yuan: corruption in DJI has resulted in the largest theft in the history of Chinese technology

According to Bloomberg and other sources, the world’s largest drone manufacturer DJI said that due to employee fraud he will suffer losses in the amount of up to one billion yuan (150 million dollars). The company said it fired several employees who inflated the cost of spare parts to put the roll back in his pocket. DJI revealed extensive corruption during the internal investigation and contacted law enforcement.


DJI lost a billion yuan because of corruption

This case of corruption can be one of the largest in the history of Chinese technology. “DJI strongly condemns any form of corruption and has established a task force to combat high-level corruption for further investigation and strengthening anti-corruption measures”, the company said. They say that in the scheme have involved more than 40 people.

After the decree of the President XI Jinping, the Chinese company was forced to strictly fight corruption, in order not to face severe consequences. DJI is a particular prominent company because it owns more than 75% of the market of unmanned drones due to popular consumer models. It employs 12,000 people.

“We have taken steps to strengthen internal controls and created new channels for employees to submit confidential and anonymous reports regarding any violations of the behavior policy in the workplace in the company. We continue to investigate the situation and fully cooperating with the investigating authorities”.

And here’s a comment provided itself DJI:

“DJI adheres to strict ethical standards for its employees and takes very seriously any violation of our code of conduct. In a recent investigation, the company found that some employees overstate the cost of parts and materials for certain products, for personal financial gain, which was estimated to DJI, could cost the company up to 1 billion yuan. However, 2018 for DJI did not become completely unprofitable.

DJI has taken quick action to resolve this issue, dismissed a number of employees who violated company policy and contacted law enforcement officers”.

What do you think, will it strongly affect the further work DJI?