Astronomers were able to film the meteorite fall on the moon during an Eclipse

Astronomers from around the world often observe events that occur on the moon, especially during lunar Eclipse. However, two rare cosmic events occur simultaneously — as, for example, during the lunar Eclipse on January 21, when the surface of the satellite, a meteorite fell.

According to the Spanish astronomer Jose Maria Madiebo, he set up eight telescopes this time, instead of four, so he was able to see the unusual flash, which is very similar to the trail of a meteorite on the moon.

His video added a picture of another astronomer from the Netherlands — he was able to photograph the moment of impact. The image clearly shows a white dot, it represents the supposed meteorite.

If you want to calculate the coordinates of the fall (it is located to the West of the crater Lagrange H.), this place will be able to take American machine Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Thus, scientists will know whether the moon hit by a meteor during the Eclipse.

To the moon was a meteorite

Now scientists are in the process of calculating the weight and size of the object. Spanish astronomer believes that the mass of the meteorite is about two pounds, and the size of it does not exceed a soccer ball.

The lunar Eclipse of 21 January was well seen in the North-West of the European part of Russia, in the Urals, Siberia and the far East. You managed to catch?