Adds Bose active noise cancellation to keep your car cool it

One of the main problems modern cars — noises. Even in premium cars soundproofing is often poor: Yes, the manufacturers put in quality doors and thick glass, but noise from the wheel arches to get rid of difficult. To solve this problem by using a strip of additional materials, but the company Bose decided to go ahead and add cars active noise reduction.


No wonder doing that is Bose — it has long established itself in the field of audio equipment and were the first to introduce active noise reduction in headphones. And than worse? At CES, the company showed the system QuietComfort Road Noise Control, which can be installed in cars. It consists of microphones which pick up sound waves from the outside, as well as a set of accelerometers for detecting vibrations, e.g. when passing a rough road.

How to reduce noise in the car

Data from all sensors processes a separate processor, which instructs the audio system to play a compensating signal. Today, each vehicle has its own entertainment system with its own set of functions, and each of them can be adapted to the use of chip Bose. The system relies on acoustics, installed in car and works on the required frequency.

Earlier, a similar noise reduction system showed Hyundai, which filter out background noise, increasing clarity of commands, and enhances voice control in the car. It will also allow each passenger to listen to their music or carry on a conversation on the phone without using headphones. Mass production of vehicles equipped with the technology to begin in 2020.

But the Road QuietComfort Noise Control from the Bose will appear in the production machines by the end of 2021. Goodbye, extra layers of insulation! The chassis ClearMotion cars will definitely be more comfortable. What do you think, drivers?