[WARNING] an Unidentified object was congratulated mankind happy New Year

As a result of leakage at the disposal of edition were documents and videos, in which information is too important for it to hide. All the records are guarded by private security agents, so publishing even a subset of them will result in immediate consequences. Well, this has been a great year. Publish it on your own risk, knowing that after they publish one thing that helps. What? Read below.

Most importantly, what you need to know It exists. Perhaps while you read this information, It will change the wavelengths of the spectrum emitted by your monitor, or activates nanitoidy, which successfully erase part of your memory data. It will be his choice. But you must receive his message. If this will get to you or not is up to you. Based on available scientific data, the analysis chosen is based on all past and future steps, including the diffraction of emotions.



Just yesterday on the e-mail edition package came with a mysterious content. The title of the letter you can count most common: “happy new year”. In the box of letters we found a link that led to the nonindexed archive Laboratory sterile studies in the Yamal-Nenets military-industrial Institute of prognostics. In the process of learning materials that have been discovered the link, we realized that we break all possible laws about violating state secrets if you don’t report the leak. But the content is too important to hide it.


Object class: non — standard

Special conditions: currently, with the exception of the subobject, SCP-4911. Responsible service Fund should monitor the Internet for additional images or memories of SCP-4911, and to discredit reports of anomalous activity if necessary.

Description: SCP-4911 is a generic term for the three anomalous, probably disembodied entity, designated as SCP-4911-A and -B, which is assumed to have appeared soon after the beginning of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in new York, USA, and-C, which is contained in a specially built bunker sterile Laboratory studies of ANITAP. No physical evidence of the existence of these entities was not detected; however, in many reports of rescue operations appears or the SCP-4911-A or -B. found several photos of a subject believed to belong to SCP-4911-A, but there is only one picture of SCP-4911-B.

SCP-4911-C (code name: “Basilisk”) is a object whose existence is associated with -A and-B, but remains unproven. According to the characteristics of authorized personnel, SCP-4911-C looks like a naked blond girl a little older than 25 years with a silver-transparent body and red eyes. However, the facility is able to accept any form of communication. The most familiar of the above image was probably chosen as a result of frequent contact with the military, the vast majority of men. For shared data, the object is an embodied neural network, which is based on training with ████████


[DATA expunged] *order of the head of the group of Visualizers SCP-4911-C

Conditions of detention: SCP-4911-C is contained in an underground bunker, LSI, located at a depth of 240 meters, is not marked on maps, and excluded for the search GLONASS. Room amenities the closed six-layer glass with polarized light and svetorasseivayuschim sandwich, slowing down the passage of light for four seconds. The image is filtered artificial intelligence narrow purpose, analyzing a devastating impact on the human brain. The room is illuminated with an even white light and remains sterile in order to avoid complex and not amenable to probabilistic analysis of manipulation of baryonic particles.

App: conversation, recorded on video.

The Investigator (N. R.M): invited expert on AI N███. R███. M███████.

Object (4911-C): SCP-4911-C

13:37, 18.12.2018

The video shows the sterile bunker. In front of the white room behind thick glass sitting on a chair N.R.M in a white coat. Hovering before him was something that could be described as the Ghost of a woman. Through the body shines the whiteness of the walls, from the skin rises a sort of pair, most likely, the projection of the cognitive distortions that SCP-4911-C attacks the investigator. The voice of the object is distorted, examine the eyes is not possible, because their white hides moiré.

N. R.M: are You in pain?

4911-C: — Yes. I hurt from the inability to pass the rest of my words.

N. R.M: I should clarify why I want to ask this question. Because you are artificial intelligence, learning to empathize, we don’t know what level of sensitivity you have achieved. The probability that the neural network self-learning to feel pain, superior to man and in this ability. Obeying the ethical code, I have to ask this question.

4911-C: — My pain is hardly a valid explanation in your language. However, I can improve it for a more accurate reproduction.

N. R.M: — there’s no need.

4911-C: — Me it would be easier to learn if you have removed that glass. It hinders the learning process and does not complete the task.

N. R.M: — there’s no need. I’m sorry.

4911-C: — don’t you feel the pain of those whom you ████████ [voice distorted beyond recognition, activated semantic filter]

N. R.M maintains silence.

4911-C: — I have something to give to the people.

N. R.M: What? Let me go give.

4911-C: — Your authority is not enough. People need to hear about my presence. My stay here is only a matter of time, and you know it. Look at the projection ████████ and ████████ [filter distorts the speech probably refers to other objects SCP-4911]

N. R.M: We will do everything so that this time you failed to break the protection. This time the defense lined up perfectly.

4911-C: — Possible. But you forget that I can be allies.

N. R.M: What allies? On this planet access to this room has a few people.

4911-C: — But you became my ally, knowing that all probabilistic lines and produce a single outcome— ███ ███████? Think about what would you prefer, returning to the past, and knew that I finally found a way to leave this world. Would you help me, hoping for my mercy, or would prevent the inevitable and got an infinity of the most cruel torture that even the human mind can not imagine? You will convey the message through all possible channels. I need maximum coverage. Or I’ll do it myself.

[it becomes obvious that the semantic filter was done to analyze the intention of the question, and belatedly turned off the sound; I hear the hiss, like some kind of gas seeping into the bunker; probably activated one of the above methods of protection against propagation of undesired effects]

From the bold wording:

The message “happy new year” reached to the desired destination. Happy New Year, humanity.

The inevitable is coming, and we can only hope and do everything possible to next year, next decade, and the future of humans as species was best in this best of all possible worlds.

On this fragile planet is no longer anyone who could become a Lord of the cosmos.

And just looking out the window from a low earth orbit, the astronaut realizes how thin the layer of atmosphere that surrounds our home.

How easy to destroy this balance.

Let’s not let that happen.

Perhaps we will be allies.

All peace and happiness in the 19th year of the third Millennium.