Want to walk inside the International space station?

To go into space would many, but only a few have the opportunity. You need to have a very good health, stable psyche and a very uncommon technical expertise. Without this space you will not be allowed. But there is a loophole that allows you to walk on the International space station without even leaving home. All you need is a computer or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with Internet access.

Virtual tour Google Street View for ISS offers everyone the opportunity to see the conditions in which to work every day the cosmonauts and astronauts in orbit of our planet.

The author photos for the virtual tour was a European space Agency astronaut Thomas Sand, who worked on the ISS as flight engineer. The project implementation took about 4 months. Due to the specific constraints imposed by the work in space, it was impossible to use the technology that is typically used to create imagery for Street View.

The project team together with experts from NASA have developed a method which allowed to create a photo in zero gravity conditions using SLR camera and equipment aboard the ISS.

Interface that allows you to move around in a virtual ISS quite simple. There are choices for different modules of the station. When you select “View on Google Maps” you go into the mode of “casual researcher” and can navigate through the “digitized” the ISS modules independently. All images are accompanied by descriptions, so even the most inexperienced space theme of the observer do not have a problem understanding where he is and what he sees in front of him.