The American media accused Roscosmos of populism and advised to do business

Journalist Eric Berger of the popular American IT publication Ars Technica commented on the video of the Russian space Agency about creating a spacecraft with a nuclear power plant, criticizing the Russian space Corporation and its partners for populism. According to Berger, the representatives of the Russian rocket and space industry instead of criticizing the work of the head of the American private company SpaceX Elon musk and the publication of the video on YouTube would cost do develop.

The publication commented on the statement of the General Director of the research center Keldysh Vladimir Koshlakov in which he noted that SpaceX and Elon Musk are using old technology. The same video of Roscosmos presented the appearance of a spacecraft powered by a nuclear power plant.

“When your country fly 50-year-old rocket and space technology, you can’t say that other countries are using “old technology”. Also, create the engine and stop making videos on YouTube, and we believe that this will ever happen,” writes Eric Berger.

In addition, the journalist was outraged by the words Koshlakov that SpaceX is not a threat to the Russian space Agency, since been kept afloat thanks to government support.

Recall that SpaceX is the only company in the world to successfully use the technology of reusable rockets, in practice, not just in trials. In Russia, the development of a reusable launch vehicle is also underway. It is expected that the first tests will be conducted in 2022.