Space telescope James Webb wrapped in a mobile sterile room

Before transporting the space telescope “James Webb” and to make sure that it will be kept clean and safe, NASA subjected it to a special procedure. The telescope is wrapped in the form of a mobile clean room, protecting technological marvel from contamination. All satellites and observatories are created in clean rooms. Clean room filter from harmful contamination, since even a speck of dust or a fingerprint could severely damage the sensitive instruments.

Thus, to move satellites from place to place that is sometimes required in the process of building and testing, they must be placed in a mobile clean room.

James Webb under the covers

Mobile sterile room known as In-Plant Transporter similar to the big silver box. Inside, as can be seen through the transparent shell, there is an element of the aircraft Webb, consisting of the spacecraft bus and solar screen.

Mobile clean room is essentially a giant sealed bag, which is blown clean, dry air, which is supplied from cylinders under pressure through a flexible tube. A small leak is incorporated into the design, so the container can maintain a positive pressure, releasing clean air and blocking the flow of air. The same idea applies to tents sterile and sterile rooms in the buildings, because obviously when we open the door to the clean room and positive pressure inside the clean room pushes out air, it prevents the ingress of dirty air inside.

This element of the spacecraft was recently transferred to the facility where it will undergo vibration and thermal vacuum testing. To move the spacecraft is made up, as during start-up. Even in this “camp” as it’s about the size of a school bus, delivered on its hind legs, and therefore requires large equipment to move and keeping it clean.

Upon completion of all tests, vibration and vacuum, the item “James Webb” will be repackaged and returned to the clean room facility at Northrop Grumman in Redondo beach, California, where it will complement the telescope to form a complete Observatory that will travel into space.

When the “James Webb” will launch into space in 2021, it will open and work, Webb will be a gift for the scientists who are trying to unlock the secrets of the cosmos. It will be an amazing event.