Scientists are ready to transplant pig skin man

Modern transplantation, unfortunately, is still not able to provide the required bodies to all those in need, so in this area conducted a variety of surveys in order for this limitation to be overcome. Many of you have probably heard that pork organs for a number of reasons may be suitable for transplantation to humans, but in practice it is poorly feasible. But soon things can change, because a group of scientists of USA have declared readiness to the first transplantation of the skin of the pig man.

The development cost experts from the Boston non-profit biotechnology company XenoTherapeutics. Recently, the FDA food and drug administration (FDA) has approved the application for use in clinical trials of skin grafts taken from genetically modified pigs.

But why has it happened now? It is well known that the bodies of these animals fit person. The fact that “normal” pigs at a fairly high rate of histocompatibility have cells in their bodies a large number of agents (including built-in DNA and RNA viruses) that cause rejection. Therefore, the scientists focused on the creation of animals without this “flaw”. As stated by the Director-General XenoTherapeutics Paul Holzer,

“We XenoTherapeutics use genetically modifitsirovannyh animal donor tissue which is not rejected by the immune system. In comparison with human skin, I would use an example: it’s like Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Like there is a difference, but to our body it is insignificant.”

Organization XenoTherapeutics in their work works closely with doctors at Massachusetts General hospital, which will help to conduct clinical trials in the next month. In the first stage, the skin will be transplanted six patients with severe burns. Behind them will be closely monitored in one month. With the positive outcome of the transplant will have to undergo another two stages of tests on larger groups of patients. And only after that a decision will be made: to approve the introduction of this method into clinical practice or not.