Rolls-Royce has successfully tested an Autonomous vehicle

Usually, when it comes to Autonomous technology, the first thing people think about cars. However, the technology of self-control can have ships, what once again reminded the company Rolls-Royce. On the eve of 2019, it announced the successful test of a cargo ship with its system of Autonomous movement. The test results are impressive, and the company’s plans for the coming years is intriguing.

Over the next six years, the company intends to create a fully Autonomous ship, which will move independently from the moment of departure and before docking at the endpoint of the path. To do this, the company is developing a system of Rolls-Royce Ship Intelligence from cameras and sensors located around the vehicle to scan the environment for the presence of approaching objects.

To check the efficiency of the system, Rolls-Royce has teamed up with Finnish company Finferries. The test was held near the town of Turku, 144 kilometers West of Helsinki. Technology was implemented in ferry Falco with a length of 53.8 meters. Due to the system he came out of their own municipal district of Helsinki and arrived in the town of Navahrudak. On the way back, the company used a remote control — the operator successfully ran the ship, being at a distance of 48 km.

The President of Rolls-Royce Mikael Makinen has announced that the Autonomous ship is no longer a concept, but are fully functional appliances. According to General Director of Finferries mats Rosina, the Autonomous vessel will enhance Maritime security.

The company is developing Autonomous vehicles for a long time. In 2017, she announced work on an Autonomous military vehiclethat can accelerate to 46 km/h. Representatives believe that Autonomous vehicles may reduce the number of casualties in military operations.

What do you think, what other equipment can be provided autonomy and how it will be useful?