Presented AI that creates their own news videos

The process of creating the news (especially news in video format) is time — consuming, but at the same time a creative process. And, apparently, the Chinese state news Agency Xinhua decided to some extent to relieve its employees from routine. Together with the Internet giant Alibaba, they launched the world’s first “intelligent production platform” to create a news video without human intervention.


To study the platform by yourself, you can on the official website of the project (only once warned: everything is in Chinese). The official announcement took place at the 6th Conference on integration and development of the media industry of China in Chengdu, and launched the platform this Thursday, December 27.


The conference demonstrated the operation of the system. Once launched, the system has released a 186 short videos. Of these, 97 were issued by AI. The remaining 89 were created in AI and edited a little people. Now for the production of high-quality short videos to the platform have access to all of the local media. But first they need to pass the procedure of accreditation and certification on the website.

“The platform has several templates of news, including politics, emergency, sports, fashion and entertainment. The platform is able to analyze and capture information with a “high news value” to help journalists and editors to save time when preparing news. With the advent of 5G short videos will become the main carrier of news reports in the future.” — said the Vice-President of Xinhua news Agency Liu Siyan.

CEO of Alibaba, who took an active part in the creation of AI, Shao Xiaofeng said that the platform will allow journalists and editors to devote themselves more valuable reportage work, in which people can not be replaced by machines. Apparently, Mr. Shao forgotten that recently in China debuted the first virtual host. So, maybe soon the news Agency and do without people.