NVIDIA introduced the flagship Titan graphics card RTX

NVIDIA officially introduced its most powerful consumer graphics card — Titan RTX. The announcement followed a few days later after the Network began to appear supposedly “accidentally exposed” to some Western bloggers ‘ image of the graphics accelerator. Novelty, as expected, has enormous power (at least, based on technical characteristics), as, indeed, and not less than a colossal price.

Going rumors about the technical characteristics of new items confirmed. New Titan GPU RTX is equipped with 72 cores RT for hardware-assisted raytracing technology, the implementation of which happened with the announcement of a new model line of RTX at the end of this summer, and has on his roster 4608 CUDA cores. Recall that NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti has on its Board “only” 68 RT 4352 cores and CUDA kernel.

Do not turn the language to call RTX Titan consumer graphics card. The same feeling was with the announcement of last year’s flagship line of Titan XP, which was offered at the start of sales for 1200 dollars. But this year in this price range is 2080 RTX Ti. Titan RTX in turn, is equipped with 24 GB of high-speed GDDR6 memory bandwidth of 672 GB/sec, it is suggested to purchase for $ 2,500, which brings it to the price tag of last year’s Titan V ($3,000), which belongs to the category graphic solutions, rather, aimed at semi-professional and professional use. However, NVIDIA itself does not deny that Titan RTX is designed with an eye to researchers of artificial intelligence, the owners of the workstations, and, apparently, gamers with deep pockets.

By the way, the new graphics accelerator is very similar to the same RTX 2080 Ti, if not to take into account slightly different colors and doubled the amount of video memory. The novelty is based on a full GPU TU102 as professional Quadro RTX 6000 for $ 6300-oriented workstations. The latter has the same Titan RTX number of CUDA cores, the same number of tensor, RT-cores and VRAM GDDR6.

I should add that when combining two Titan RTX using the RTX NVLink bridge (pictured below), you will not only get double the amount of VRAM, but also will increase its total throughput is 100 GB/sec.

In the last generation line of graphics cards GTX the palm in the performance of held Titan XP worth of $ 1,200. However, Titan V, the company decided to change the positioning among various segments of the graphic solutions. Thus, as mentioned above, Titan RTX is primarily aimed at researchers of AI technologies, as well as other users who would like to have all the benefits of using a new tensor of cores, adding hardware support for processing light in real time.

More than two times increased compared to the RTX 2080 Ti video memory can also attract scientists who can use innovations to run more complex simulations aimed at calculating more derivatives. And given the similarity of the product with RTX Quadro 6000, but at a lower cost, Titan RTX may have caught the 3D animators, the professionals working with technology motion capture, and videomanager.

On the basis of the stated features, the performance of RTX Titan should be about 10-20 percent higher than in RTX 2080 Ti. In contrast to the same Titan V for $ 3000, using expensive memory HBM2, RTX Titan still is closer to its “cystografin gaming brethren.” In General, RTX Titan may appeal to a very narrow circle of people for whom performance RTX 2080 Ti 1200 dollars was not enough, and buy two cards do not want.