Novelty Apple — the first details a pleasant

A new message in the Network indicating the probable return of Apple one of the most interesting in the last lines of their products. Considered the image gives an idea about the major components of the new device. Now obviously the camera is more exciting than before,still not entirely clear what new element of its complement. Thus, it is possible that habitual users of headphone Jack in the upcoming device will be, which is very pleasing.

A few days ago in a Network there was a message that stated that the beloved by millions of users Apple is probably working on a new iPad mini. This range of tablets is known not only for its reduced size and more attractive price. Resource referring to Slashleaks, discussed some details of the new products, which are based on photos of the case not yet presented to the device.

What will be the case iPad 5 mini

Apple is among the leaders in the high-tech industry, the most important news which is constantly considered in the Telegram channel, so information on the likely return of one of the most notable product lines technology giant is now among the most interesting to a wide audience of connoisseurs of mobile devices.

iPad 5 mini will probably be a 10-inch tablet. On the cover is a rather large hole for the camera of the mobile device that shows iPad 5 mini can find a use flash camera or the second sensor. Located on the rear panel of the microphone has also been moved to the center of the device. In addition, the case shows a hole that can target audiogeek, the presence of which in the device will be good news for lovers have become familiar over the years technical solutions.

On the right side of the considered case significantly place for magnetic inductive charging Apple Pencil. It should be noted that the iPad mini lost to the market place models lines iPad Pro and the Surface Pro. Will be very interesting to see the return of the iPad mini and how they will be perceived by the public.