New spray gel will prevent the recurrence of cancer

Depending on the kind of cancer, patients will receive one or another form of treatment. But despite this, after all medical procedures, all people who have had cancer, have a pretty high chance of recurrence of this dangerous process. And development scientists from the United States can increase the chances of these people for a long and happy life. They managed to create a spray gel that stimulates the immune system and significantly reduces the risk of relapse.

A group of scientists headed by Professor Zhen GU, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have developed a biodegradable substance with an immunostimulating effect. The experts have tested it in the form of a spray in laboratory animals that have been surgically removed melanoma. It turned out that in mice, the gel reduced the growth of tumor cells, remaining after surgery, which helped to prevent the recurrence of cancer. After receiving treatment, 50% of the mice lived 60 days with no re-occurrence of tumors compared to the control group.

They also found that the substance prevents the development of cancer formations not only in the place where they were deleted, but throughout the body. The fact that the product contains nanoparticles for blocking the protein CD47, which block tumor work of macrophages and does not allow the immune system to work effectively. Nanoparticles based on the calcium carbonate. The researchers chose it because it can start to dissolve in places surgical wounds, leaving no trace.

“Our gel promises to be a very good tool in the fight against cancer. We also learned that the gel can activate T cells in the immune system, destroying cancer cells.” — said the authors of the work.

Scientists will continue to test the drug on animals to determine the optimal dose, the best combination of nanoparticles and the ideal frequency of application. You can then start experimenting with people.