NASA wants to continue to use the Russian Soyuz after 2019

Space Agency NASA would like to continue to use the Russian spacecraft Soyuz for transportation of its astronauts to the International space station even after the work will be finished private American spacecraft that the Agency will use for the same purpose. In addition, it is noted that the Agency would like to send Russian cosmonauts to the ISS on its manned spacecraft, when they come into operation. This is with reference to the representative of the U.S. Department Stephanie Shierholz the portal

Recall that between NASA and Roskosmos signed contracts to use the American side of the spacecraft “Soyuz” at least for 2019. However, some of the members of future expeditions have already been announced. For example, at the beginning of December to the ISS went American Anne McClain, who will stay aboard the station six months. And on February 28 in the “Expedition 59” the ISS needs to go from two American astronaut Tyler Hague and Christine Koh. The first had to fly to the ISS in the framework of the “Expedition 57/58”, but failed October launch of the “Union” was forced to postpone these plans. Thus the start of “Expedition 59” Hague will be officially ranked as the second space flight, and for Koch to turn this launch will be the first.


“Head of Department of manned space flight, NASA William Gerstenmaier and senior management of the U.S. space Agency outlined its intention to continue to send American crew members of the ISS on Soyuz after 2019, and the Russians — American manned ships,” said Shierholz.

It was also noted that the simultaneous launches of us and Russian ships (that is, of Americans on American ships, and the Russians on the “Unions”) are completely inappropriate as a minimum, because it can become redundant. At the same time as on the International space station has two major segments – the Russian and the American both require the delivery of modules both from one and from another country. Therefore, the best option, according to the representative of NASA, will be the continued implementation of international crews consisting of Russians and Americans. In other words,essence is to continue sending to the ISS international crews,” — said the representative of the American Agency.

After closing the program Shuttle flights in 2011, the space Agency NASA was only one delivery option to the ISS and return back to their astronauts. To do this, the Agency rents space in the Russian spacecraft “Soyuz”. In the near future, NASA wants to redistribute the load. To this end, it signed an agreement with private us companies Boeing and SpaceX, which are developing their own manned spacecraft. The first unmanned launch of manned version of Dragon spacecraft company SpaceX is scheduled in 2019. Further, within several months of unmanned test launch of their spacecraft CST-100 Cockpit will have to conduct the Boeing company. As soon as both devices will pass all the necessary checks, the astronauts will use them to fly into orbit and return home.