Linux developers will support Windows

Once the discussion Windows users and those who prefer Linux was on the Network was equally, if not more, relevant than current debates about the advantages of the iPhone and Android.smartphones and for many users the main devices, computers retain their value as working tools. And now, one of the leading companies developing Linux, will support important technology for the most widespread computer platform — Microsoft Windows.

Offering anto Oracle service, Red Hat will soon be offering long-term commercial support for the standard Java for the Microsoft Windows platform designed for servers and workstations, says Paul Krill (Paul Krill) on the resource page Red Hat now supports OpenJDK on its own platform Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Red Hat will provide support for Java OpenJDK for the Microsoft Windows platform

Red Hat, one of the most famous in the history of computer technology Linux developers, will provide support for your distro of OpenJDK for Windows. Version of the standard Java open source was in beta for about a year. Distribution of OpenJDK from Red Hat are supported by Java 11 and Java 8.

Support for the Windows platform will be integrated from the release of patches to address the vulnerabilities to help business users in developing Java applications.

Are available different levels of support under the support agreement and depending on the number of workstations and servers. But Red Hat is not voiced prices.

In June 2018, the Oracle moved on to a model of providing support via subscription is a permanent license with annual fee.