Google Lens recognizes a billion objects

In a relatively short time of its existence, Google Lens almost invisibly to most users, has become a powerful tool of recognition of different objects. The number of recognized objects increased from a quarter million to one billion. However, Google Lens able basically to recognize certain objects. Others remain unknown to the learner an artificial intelligence that controls this tool.

Google Lens tool camera, which is provided by artificial intelligence. Readers who follow the development of the high technologies on the site and in the Telegram-the news channel, no doubt will be interested to know that now Google Lens already capable of recognizing more than one billion objects. About developing the Android OS the company reports in its blog. However, notes Shannon Liao (Shannon Liao) pages remain items that Google does not recognize Lens.

Lens well Google recognizes the presented goods

Google Lens debuted last year. He worked with and a Photo Assistant and learned about 250 thousand objects. Development began a year later, when the text recognition Google Lens started coaching on the labels of goods. Recognizing text, Google Lens began to distinguish much more goods. He also showed data from a large number taken with smartphones photographs and, thus, the capabilities of Google Lens has increased significantly.

Google Lens does not recognize the old books and games consoles

1 billion objects that can be recognized by a software tool provided by the products available to Google Shopping. And this means that their number does not include rare objects, which include, for example, the game console of the nineties of the last century and first edition rare books. Thus, Google Lens is a tool that is useful primarily to users who want to know more about the offered goods.

Additionally, in selling goods, Google Lens is also able to recognize people, names of Wi-Fi networks and geometric shapes. The ability to automatically connect to Wi-Fi through a photo of the label of the router was announced at I/O 2017. This year it was added also the possibility to copy information from business cards with the subsequent entering it in the phone’s contact list.