Created a material that can change the solid state on a flexible

Recently scientists are more and more developments in the area of creating so-called metamaterials. Essentially, metamaterials are the materials unique properties are due primarily not to the substances of which they consist, and an artificial internal structure, which gives them unusual characteristics. And recently a group of scientists from the U.S. created a new metamaterial that can change its state. Depending on conditions it can be as solid as steel and flexible as clay.

How journalists report Science Advance, with the development are researchers from Lawrence Livermore national laboratory and the University of California San Diego, and the new structures they called FRMM — Field Responsive Mechanical Metamaterials or “reacting to the mechanical metamaterials”.

What is their uniqueness? First and foremost, in the manufacturing process. Internally the device is a network printed on a 3D printer flexible plastic mikrotrubocki. Each microtube has a length of 5 millimeters. Microtubules inside each one is placed a mixture of oils with particles of iron. Due to this, in the normal state due to viscous and flowable liquid, the material remains flexible. But it is necessary to place it under the influence of a magnetic field, the iron becomes suspended as a clear arrangement due to the orientation of the magnetic field that makes the material very hard.

The metamaterial when turning on and off of the magnetic field

During a series of experiments, researchers found that, on average, when exposed to a magnetic field, the rigidity of the structure increases by 62%. As stated by researchers, this is not the limit and rigidity can easily be changed thanks to the longer lasting “fillers”. In the future, this technology could form the basis for the creation of flexible armor, and flexible armor for the robots or technology, which in case of danger instantly can change its density.