Chinese lunar Rover prepares to land on the back side of the moon

Chinese spacecraft mission “Chang’e-4” on Sunday carried out successful entry into orbit, which is planned to carry out a soft landing on the opposite side of the moon. All of the “Chang’e-4” work in a regular mode, according to the Chinese national space administration (CNSA). Recall that the Chinese orbital module with lunar Rover and the lander on Board reached the moon December 12.


Since the release of the probe from earth on the lunar orbit, the control Center space flight in Beijing have adjusted its orbit, and verifying connection of the machine with the satellite-repeater”, Zhuazao”, which in June this year, successfully entered in the Lagrange point L2 on the back side of the moon, becoming the world’s first satellite operating on this halo orbit. The satellite will be used for communication between the Rover and the lander with the Ground.


“The thirtieth of December 2018 at 08.55 local time (GMT 03.55) unit “Chang’e-4″ successfully entered the elliptical orbit around the moon with options of 15 kilometers (the height of periselene is closest to the surface of the moon point of the orbit) per 100 kilometers (the height of aposelene — the most distant point of the orbit) where it needs to land on the surface,” reads the statement of the Chinese space Agency.

The Agency also indicated that the specialists CNSA will begin timing for landing the Rover and the lander on the opposite side of Earth’s natural satellite.

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