Autonomous train received the title of “the big robot”

The main goal of the makers of robots to make people’s lives easier. Robotic systems are able to facilitate the work as mere Housewives, and workers in various fields. Australian-British company Rio Tinto engaged in mining gold, copper, iron ore and other metals and minerals, intends to simplify the process by using Autonomous rail system, AutoHaul. A train carrying ore from one point to another without the help of a man called “the greatest robot in the world.”


The company has already launched a road on the territory of the sparsely populated Pilbara region in the North of Western Australia. The process took 8 months, in terms of finances, the company took a $ 1.3 billion. In may 2018, the international railway safety regulator gave it permission in system test and in July of the Autonomous locomotive made its first shipment of ore from the mine to the port.

At the disposal of Rio Tinto has 200 locomotives, each of which are automated and carry the goods of the 16 mines and up to 4 ports. The duration of transport takes about 40 minutes — so much time is necessary to travel 800 km. Their movements are controlled by the centre, located in Perth. Remote operators can see everything that happens thanks to the on-Board cameras.

Learn about the company’s plans to automate the process of transportation, the local Union are very worried in the future because of this, many people may lose their jobs. The company has assured that in 2018, nobody was fired and is not going to do even next year.

Head of the Department of rail services Rio Tinto Ivan Vella announced that the automation of transportation in this remote area as the Pilbara is a very important event in the industry. The technology allows to significantly speed up the process and reduce the costs of transportation.

Professor Allan trench, specializing in mining, believes that the use of such a system will not all companies. He explained that it is perfect for miners of ore, but difficult to use gold mining companies working deep underground.

What do you think, in what other industrial fields can be used in robots, and how?