3D-printing is now possible not only to print food, but it to cook

Food on a 3D printer, learned to print a long time ago. However, in comparison with other areas of 3D printing it is still not very well developed. For the most part, printed food consists of ready-made ingredients which should be subjected to further processing. But a group of researchers from Columbia University have created a device that can simultaneously how to print food and cook it.


The creators call this approach “digital food”, attilas to electronic devices, which have many advantages over analog gadgets.

“We look at food in new ways. Using a special nozzle for printing, we can create a complex structure meals. But that’s not all. We used a system of mirrors, motors and lasers, which is uniformly heated product. Before that it was possible to cook using lasers and print it on the printers, so to combine the two technologies is a logical step.” — said one of the authors Jonathan Blutinger.

The concept of home devices for printing and cooking

The authors believe that this approach is quite promising. Indeed, the same “laser cooking” has a lot of advantages over traditional ways of cooking. In particular, it is possible to accurately regulate the temperature and even the uniformity of heating and baking of certain parts of the dishes. Yes, and the idea of printing experts are looking very peculiar.

“Everyone has their own tastes and dietary restrictions, so the approach based on the input digital data enables you to obtain customized products. While it is easy to develop a system where people could “load” going into the printer and share it with other users. Imagine: you tried something and you like it. You can just go ahead and send the recipe to my friend and he too can try it immediately. And if you add to all this machine learning and AI, you will receive first-class personal chef.”

While mass distribution of printed food according to experts in the coming years can be expected. This happens at least 5-10 years. In this case, the researchers refer to self-driving cars. At the dawn of its existence, many would accept them with fear, but now these cars go on city streets.

As you have already prepared all your meals for the celebration? Without any product, your not do for the New Year?