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What do people need to firmly establish themselves in space?
We take for granted that we live on a planet rich in life. More than 14 million identified species, high biological diversity on Earth is simply amazing. [...]
A simple medical examination has saved the lives of millions of women
Breast cancer is one of the most common types of dangerous diseases. Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, he is no longer a death sentence. Scientists [...]
Russia is considering the possibility of mining minerals on the moon
According to the RIA Novosti news Agency referring to a source in the rocket and space industry, Russia is considering the possibility of mining minerals [...]
Why not save the Rover opportunity through the Rover’s “Kyuriositi”
On Wednesday, the us space Agency NASA announced the official end of the mission, the Rover “opportunity”. Research robot stopped communicating [...]
Elon Musk and SpaceX have filed a lawsuit against NASA
This is gonna be a bit of a scandal. Elon Musk and his company SpaceX sued the space Agency NASA to court — Yes, his direct employer and partner, after [...]
An experiment on the capture of space debris using the harpoon was a success
British experimental probe Remove DEBRIS successfully coped with the second part of the test systems for collecting debris, the first produced in space [...]
China began developing the first space solar power plant
China wants to go to a whole new level of production of renewable energy. Chinese scientists plan to build in earth orbit the first ever space solar power. [...]
Is it possible to learn in your sleep? It is possible
From chronic insomnia help audio books, podcasts, and sleeping pills. If you load books on all night, they will gradually penetrate into dreams. And the [...]
NASA is going to overtake Russia and China landed a man on the moon in 2028
In November last year, the space Agency NASA has selected 9 private aerospace companies that will compete for the right to development and delivery of [...]
People still mate with Neanderthals. Why?
We know that Homo sapiens (“wise man”) lived on earth together with the Neanderthals. Moreover, DNA analysis proves that men and women of both [...]
Airbus ceases production of the largest aircraft in the world
Beginning in 2007, the largest passenger aircraft in the world was considered the Airbus A380. Being a very comfortable and quiet, he won the love of many [...]
“Smart” prison of China will be equipped with robots and artificial intelligence
The correctional service of Hong Kong seriously intends to increase the reliability of their prisons with the help of high technology. According to the [...]
The scooters Xiaomi found a vulnerability that allows anyone to control them remotely
Electric transport is good, but even better when it can bring — for example, the scooter. But the more complex the technology, the more it appears [...]
Under the Earth there are mountains — they are higher than may seem
The landscape of the Earth was incredibly diverse: on its surface is as smooth plains and deep trenches and huge mountains. The study showed geophysicists [...]
Two satellites almost ran into me. How they managed to avoid the crash?
The first alarm was received on January 27. Two small satellite circling around the Earth in low orbits, are in a situation of possible contact. [...]
Trump has set a goal to make America first in the field of artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence could be invented in the United States, but other countries, including China, Canada and France took major steps to support the [...]
Created a new service for people search “Vkontakte” pictures
A couple of years ago was a very popular service FindFace, owned by NtechLab, which allowed to find a person in a social network “Vkontakte” [...]
Under the ice of Greenland found a huge crater: how many?
In November 2018 under the Greenland glacier Hiawatha has been found a huge crater with a diameter of about 31 kilometers. Geologists were very surprised [...]
Multicellular organisms appeared much earlier than expected
Until now it was thought that most of the time the Earth was inhabited by a stationary single-celled organisms and multicellular creatures appeared on it [...]
Access denied: top 7 best anonymous cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency — a difficult topic, so the myths in a niche rife. For example, many believe Bitcoin is completely anonymous coin, which leaves no residue. [...]
USA looking for a company that will burn tons of secret data
Huge volumes of data that are stored on military bases, not just drag to trash and delete. All equipment that store confidential information, subject to [...]
Artificial intelligence will determine your age on the intestinal microflora
Many bacteria and other tiny organisms that live in your gut, which is often referred to as the microbiome or microflora, to not just help you digest food [...]
By the end of the 21st century most of the oceans will change color
Climate change causes significant changes in the state of phytoplankton in the World ocean, and a new study by MIT has shown that in coming decades these [...]
Proved that the female brain remains young longer than men
That between male and female brains, there are structural differences, scientists have known for a long time. So, in 2017, researchers from the Amen [...]
This robot is capable of everything, the main thing — to be able to teach
Today robots are able to entertain, help around the house and even look after elderly people. But is there among them one who knows almost everything? [...]