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New tool identifies susceptibility to cancer using the most data
Scientists are looking for ways of treating cancer and methods of its detection at the earliest stage. In October 2018, a group of researchers in the US [...]
On the moon killed the first plant
News Agency “Xinhua” with reference to the Chongqing University scientists reports that a single seed of cotton grown inside a special sealed [...]
Overview of discrete amplifier modules AMP7 and AMP8 for the iPods iBasso
The company iBasso does not stop on achieved results and continues to produce one good amplifier and, judging by the news, went in the course of [...]
The world’s first “hotel robot” fired half robots
The world’s first “hotel robot” has cut half its staff-robots due to the fact that they could not cope with their responsibilities. Of [...]
Tesla introduced the first home charging station, which can be connected to a wall outlet
It looks like a regular Wall Connector Today the company is launching new Tesla home charging station designed for the modern home. New Wall Connector the [...]
Scientists have found a way to accelerate 3D printing 100 times
Instead of the usual method of 3D printing of complex objects layer by layer using plastic fibers, scientists from the University of Michigan propose to [...]
Presents sneakers with an automatic lacing
I think we are already used to charge smartphones, tablets, scales, and even toothbrushes — this is a fee for the presence of “smart” functions [...]
China has announced plans to build a lunar base
On the wave of successful execution of the current mission of the spacecraft “Chang’e-4” on the reverse side of the moon China national [...]
Hackers will get the money and the car for breaking Tesla Model 3
Tesla is trying by all means to protect its electric cars from breaking, and it’s definitely something to work with. Proof of this are numerous — for [...]
Satellites with oceans of aliens can not look
For more than two decades, scientists have wondered whether extraterrestrial life can flourish deep beneath the ice crusts that can boast of moons in our [...]
We will all die from ice? Antarctica is melting away
The problem of global warming is not new, but recent studies of American and Dutch scientists are forced to look at it entirely from a different angle. [...]
Scientists: nuclear power is the only salvation from catastrophic climate
To reduce greenhouse emissions and save the planet from global warming, many countries are trying to switch to renewable energy sources. To do this, they [...]
Astronomers have described the system with a unique protoplanetary disk
Investigated using complex radio telescope ALMA, located in Chile’s Atacama desert, a quadruple star system really surprised astronomers. It turned [...]
Discovered a new kind of black hole, able to Wake up and go to sleep
Astronomers from all over the world are constantly finding black holes in different galaxies, and often such an object may be a supermassive — millions of [...]
Developed a female contraceptive in the form of a patch valid the whole month
Scientists are trying to improve almost everything that surrounds us, and contraceptives is not an exception. At the moment women available different types [...]
Flexible smartphones and a new planet for life
The new year is well and good, but the news of high technologies is on schedule. Today we will tell you so dangerous last year’s Olivier and whether [...]
In the African desert included the song that will “play forever”
One of the main problems of modern gadgets — they have to charge. In some cases this must be done every day (e.g., smartphones), sometimes you can afford [...]
Chinese probe “Chang’e-4” conducted a biological experiment on the back side of the moon
The Chinese spacecraft “Chang’e-4” has completed the first biological experiment on the surface opposite the moon according to China [...]
A smartphone can be an effective radiation in case of a nuclear accident
In case of a nuclear accident personal electronics could be used as a reliable dosimeter radiation contamination, according to Science News, citing the [...]
Five scenarios of the end of our Universe
Looking at our Universe today, is very easy to get excited about what they saw. The stars in our night sky is only a small part, a few thousand of the [...]
7 major symptoms of cancer
Cancer is among the most dangerous diseases in the world. The probability to recover from the deadly disease depends on its stage — the sooner the disease [...]
The satellites captured the storm that lifts a 17-foot waves in the Pacific ocean
In the Pacific ocean, the raging storm, which despite its huge size, has no name. It is clearly visible from the orbit of the Earth — shocking picture was [...]
The only Russian space telescope has stopped communicating
Launched on 18 July 2011 the Russian telescope “Spektr-R” conducted astrophysical research in the framework of the space project [...]
SpaceX will dismiss 10% of its employees to focus on the most important
Aerospace company of private space transportation, which will take us one day to Mars, reduces 10% of the workforce, almost immediately after the first [...]
Electric Cadillac wants to become a competitor to Tesla: will it succeed?
Car manufacturers in the near future intend to abandon the internal combustion engine and to switch completely to electricity. Small steps in this [...]